“Big Reveal”

This is a blog post sharing the abstract idea of how BigData can be used by the military in increasing the capabilities of a soldier and enhancing his defensive capability by Rotational Frontline Process!

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Project Chanakya – Concept for utilising Big Data in battle effectiveness for India.
Objective: Enhance defensive capability of soldier and efficiency of functioning of Indian Army.

The current Indian Armed Forces consists of over 1.3 million personnels. Given the hostile neighbours of India such as China and Pakistan, army needs to continuously innovate itself to stay ahead of the curve. Idea is to ensure, the best are at front at all times, sick are given assistance on time (Forward deployment of Soldier).

“Rotational Frontline Process”:
1. Each soldier is equipped with sensors which constantly monitor his health parameters (Blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, ECG, etc). These are sent to Central station where all data is processed in real time.
2. Data from all soldiers in field forms a S*K data matrix.
3. S : number of soldier, K : number of parameters.
4. First, apply FLPCA on all health parameters to decompose them into principal components. FLVar is used to calculate variance of each principal component vector and vectors which account for less than 1% of total variation are removed. After removal, we have N transformed variables. Each soldier is given a Priority_Score variable.
5. For each principal component, we calculate it’s mean using FLMedian (assuming normal distribution) and standard deviation using FLStdDev.
6. If an individual’s value in transformed parameter lies outside of (-2 to +2) StdDev range of the mean, we add +1 to individual’s Priority_Score, for all N parameters of all soldiers.
7. Soldier will be given assistance based on Priority_Score, higher the score more the priority of assistance.

This ensures proper assistance is delivered to soldiers based on real-time health parameters. Soldiers in front will have lowest Priority_Score, soldiers will be rotated to make sure that most healthy and best fit fight at the front.

For images: https://goo.gl/ng7L7m



This abstract won the 1st prize in the event! 😀


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